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International Journal of
Pharmaceutical Sciences and Nanotechnology (IJPSN)

Int. J. Pharm. Sci. Nanotech | Free Online Access |
A Bimonthly International Journal in
Pharmaceutical & Nanotechnology Research

Prof. D. Samba Reddy
Texas A&M University Health Science Center, College of Medicine
Bryan-College Station, Texas, USA

Journal Scope

International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Nanotechnology (IJPSN) is an free online access, internationally-circulated research journal in pharmaceutical and nanotechnology fields. IJPSN is published under the editorial supervision of chief editor Prof. Samba Reddy, an internationally acclaimed pharmaceutical scientist and “Jewel of Pharmacy Profession”. He is a Professor at a top Medical College (Texas A&M University) in the United States. Recently, Dr. Reddy received the highest honor “Hind Rattan” Award for his lifetime achievements in pharmaceutical and medical research. In 2014, Reddy has been awarded with the prestigious Fellow of American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (FAAPS), the highest professional honor in the pharmaceutical field worldwide. In addition, IJPSN is published under the directions of eminent and expert Editorial board and Advisory panel from India, USA and other countries worldwide. IJPSN is published by Pharma Book Syndicate, a unit of BSP Books Pvt. Ltd.

IJPSN provides broad coverage of all aspects of pharmaceutical sciences, furthering research into the nanotechnology systems Major areas of emphasis include pharmaceutics, biopharmaceutics, industrial pharmacy, clinical pharmacy, pharmacology and therapeutics, toxicology, pharmaceutical chemistry, phytochemical investigations, medicinal and analytical chemistry, pharmacy administration, regulatory affairs, GMP related industry guidelines, pharmacoeconomics, pharma biotechnology, recombinant drugs, and nanotechnology-based drug formulation design and delivery systems. The Journal considers original Research papers and Review articles for publication.

IJPSN invites papers from pharma researchers who are united by broad interests in formulation, manufacturing, evaluation of conventional and novel dosage forms and drug products, including pharmacological and nanotechnological investigations.

Article Types
  • Main articles: Research Papers & Review Articles.
  • Other articles: Editorials, Perspectives & Book Reviews.
Journal Attributes
  • Impact Factor: TBA, Cited half-life: Growing rapidly (2008-2015), Acceptance rate: 75%, Average time to first decision: 30 days, Frequency and Format: Quarterly print and online publication since 2006, ISSN: 0974-3278.
Free Online Access
  • IJPSN is a Free Online Access journal.
  • All articles published in IJPSN are freely available online for unrestricted downloading.
Advantages to Authors
  • Free publication. No editorial charges or other expenses to the authors.
  • Fair evaluation. Rapid and prompt processing of manuscripts. Fair evaluation process.
  • Wide benefits. Publishing in IJPSN provides authors with a wide range of benefits listed below.
  • Top editorial team. World-class editorial oversight with easy online submission and rapid review.
  • Broad distribution. The broadest readership via global distribution, email alerts, and cross referencing.
  • Archival system. A sophisticated online platform through standard Manuscript submission and archival.
  • Free online access. All published articles freely available online at the journal website
  • Free reprints. All articles made freely available postpublication.
  • High potential citation. Increased readership and citations via quality articles.
  • Editorial corrections. English corrections of articles by the Editors on behalf of authors.
  • Best paper award. Editor selects a best paper for annual Best paper award.
Bimonthly from 2016
  • IJPSN is a bimonthly journal from 2016.
  • More quality articles are published in 6 issues.

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