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International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Nanotechnology (IJPSN)
Volume 9 • Issue 3 • May – June 2016
Special Supplement

Distinguished Scientist Profile (Historical Archives)
The Improbable and Brilliant Pharmacology Research Journey of Professor Samba Reddy

SUMMARY: Dr. Samba Reddy is a distinguished, international award-winning pharmaceutical scientist. He has been globally recognized as an outstanding pharmacologist. His life has traversed an unconventional path, traveling from a muddy Telangana Indian village to a top University in the USA. He transcended his background as a poor farmer's son to become an internationally-respected scientist discovering life saving medicines. He has made pioneering contributions to neurotherapeutics, with a substantial impact on brain diseases. He discovered a novel antidote for nerve agents of chemical warfare, identified “extrasynaptic GABA-receptors,” invented “neurosteroid-replacement” therapy, and helped develop first-in-class medicines for epilepsy, status epilepticus, and chemical neurotoxicity. This Telugu Tejam has deservingly earned the title “Hind Rattan” (Jewel of India) and many other commendations for his valuable scientific contributions.

Contact: Dr. Samba Reddy(


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