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International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Nanotechnology
Vol 1 issue 3, October- December 2008
Review Articles

Recent Advances in Hormonal Contraceptives for Women
D. Samba Reddy, Ph.D., R.Ph.


Lipospheres: Emerging Carriers in the Delivery of Proteins and Peptides
Manju Rawat, Swarnlata Saraf


An Overview: Nanoparticles
Jayvadan K. Patel, Dhaval J. Patel, Vikram M. Pandya

Research Papers
Dissolution Enhancement of Domperidone Using Water Soluble Carrier By Solid Dispersion Technology
D. Nagasamy Venkatesh*, S. Sangeetha, M.K. Samanta, B. Suresh, N. Ramesh, M. Mohamed Faisal,A. Asik Ilahi, K.S. Syed Abuthahir, K.B.M.I. Haq and S. Elanthirayan.


Formulation and in vitro Evaluation of Gastroretentive Drug Delivery System for Ranitidine Hydrochloride
Dumpeti Janardhan, Meka Lingam, Chinnala Krishna Mohan, and Vobalaboina Venkateswarlu

Preparation of Rapidly Disintegrating Glipizide Tablets by Surface Solid Dispersion through Superdisintegrants
Adel M. Aly
Design and Charecterization of Anticancer Engineered Resealed Erythrocytes
R. C. Doijad, N. V. Deshmukh, D. S. Bhambere, Rony Joseph and F. V. Manvi.

Etoposide-Loaded Microparticles Prepared with Poly (Hydroxybutyrate-Co-Hydroxyvalerate) and Poly(ε-Caprolactone) Blends:Formulation, Characterization and in vitro Drug Release
Patel J. K and Tank H. M

Preparation and in vitro Evaluation of Bioadhesive Microparticulate System
Nagda C. D., Chotai N. P, Patel S. B, Soni T. J, Patel U. L, Nagda
Spray Dried Mucoadhesive Microspheres of Ondansetron for Nasal Administration
Hitendra Mahajan, Surendra Gattani, Sanjay Surana
Influence of Helicteres isora L. Bark Extracts on Glycaemic Control and Renoprotective Activity in Streptozotocin- induced Diabetic Rats
Ganesan Kumar, Gani Sharmila banu, Arunachalam Ganesan Murugesan
Hepatoprotective Activity of Calotropis gigantea Root Bark Experimental Liver Damage Induced by D-Galactosamine in Rats
Pradeep Deshmukh, Tanaji Nandgude, Mahendra Singh Rathode, Anil Midha, Nitin Jaiswal
Design, Synthesis and Evaluation of New RGD- Peptidomimeticsas Possible Antithrombotics – Part I
Sujatha Patnaik, Sirisha Kalam and Malla Reddy Vanga
An in vitro study of Effect of Centella asiatica on Phagocytosis by Human Neutrophils
Ravindra G. Mali, and Basavraj C. Hatapakki
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