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International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Nanotechnology

Volume 4, Issue 3, October - December 2011

Review Articles

Current drug shortages in the United States (pharmaceutical update)
Dr. D.S. Reddy


Anti-aging: Review and Experimental Clinical Study of Bioavailable Calcium−Probiotics and their effect on Reversing Osteopenia, Osteoporosis, and other Common and Chronic Health Conditions
Dr. M.S. Reddy and Dr. D.R.K. Reddy


Novel Antibiotics from Marine Sources
G.M. Doshi, G.V. Aggarwal, E.A. Martis and P.P. Shanbhag

Research Papers

Pharmaceutical Development and Clinical Pharmacokinetic Evaluation of
Gastroretentive Floating Matrix Tablets of Levofloxacin

N. Doodipala, C.R. Palem, S. Reddy and Y. M. Rao

Development and Evaluation of Novel Floating Drug Delivery Systems of
Metoclopramide Hydrochloride

V. Wamorkar, A. Samar, R. Reddy A., Ch. Anusha, C.V. Saikrishna, N. Santoshkumar

Formulation and Evaluation of Immediate Release Bilayer Tablets of
Telmisartan and Hydrochlorothiazide

N. Patel, R. Natarajan, N.N. Rajendran and M. Rangapriya
Valsartan Loaded Solid Lipid Nanoparticles: Development, Characterization,
and In vitro and Ex vivo Evaluation

B. Parmar, S. Mandal, K. C. Petkar, L. D. Patel, and K. K. Sawant


Antimicrobial Activity of Silver Nanoparticles Prepared Under an Ultrasonic Field
M. Umadevi, T. Rani, T. Balakrishnan and R. Ramanibai

Formulation Development and Characterization of Itraconazole Granules
B. S. Kapoor and G. V. Subbarao

Analgesic and Anti-inflammatory Activity of Ficus glomerata in Experimental Animal Models
C. Menezes, G. Kunal, N. Reema, D. Satyanarayana, and K. Jagadish
Analytical Characterization of a Controlled Release Polymeric Suspension of Norfloxacin
S. Sahoo, C.K. Chakraborti, and S. Naik



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