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International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Nanotechnology

Volume 9, Issue 2, March - April 2016

Review Articles
Pharmacist for a Healthy India – Swasth Bharath
Dr. G. N. Singh
Hydrogel Scaffolds - Emerging Biomaterial for Regenerative Medicine
Prajeesh Kumar, Shivansh Swamy, and Raj K. Narang
Research Papers

Development and Optimization of Atorvastatin Calcium-Cyclodextrin Inclusion Complexed Orally-Disintegrating Tablets with Enhanced Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Profile
Palem Chinna Reddy, Narendar Reddy Dudhipala, Satyanarayana Goda and Varsha B. Pokharkar

Formulation Development and Characterization on the Impact of Superdisintegrants on Oral Dispersible Tablets of Didanosine
Suryakanta Swain, Muddana Eswara Bhanoji Rao, Chinam Niranjan Patra and Sitty Manohar Babu
Total Phenolic Content, Flavonoid Concentration and Antioxidant Activity of Leaves and Bark Extracts of Celtis australis L.
D. Hammash, A. Kitaz and G. Sabbagh
Development of Agglomerated Crystals of Irbesartan by Spherical Crystallization Technique for Enhancing the Micromeritic and Solubility Property
Kranthi Kumar Kotta, Pankaj Kumar Sharma and L. Srinivas

Design and Evaluation of Cellulose-Alginate Nanoparticles as an Effective Delivery System for Controlled Release of Doxorubicin
S. Nagaraj, R. Siva Samraj, M. Shiek Abdul Rahman and P. Sasikumar
Bioenhancing Effect of Cow Urine Distillate and Pepper Extract on Antibacterial Activity of Azadirachta Indica Leaves
Pramod Dhakal, Ankit Acharya and Vedamurthy Joshi
Evaluation of Antibacterial Activity of Acer syriacum by Bioautography Method
B. Al Asfour, R. Al-kayali and A. Kitaz


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