A Descriptive Review on Nanosponges in Novel Drug Delivery, Synthetic Methods, Advantages and Applications




  • Anuradha G
  • Esha Bhavin Shah Babaria Institute of Pharmacy, BITS Edu Campus, Vadodara, Gujarat, India


Nanosponges are the newest and one of the most versatile carriers synthesized employing nanotechnology and miniaturization, which have been a blessing to the field of novel drug delivery. Nanosponges (NSs) are a class of hyper cross-linked three-dimensional colloidal architectures responsible for dramatically increasing the solubilization potential of poorly soluble drugs and an array of advantages. They are synthesized using a biocompatible polymer and a cross-linker in a specified ratio and comprise a cavity which can engulf lipophilic or hydrophilic drug molecules. An elaborate literature review stresses the various synthetic methods adopted for synthesizing nanosponges, promising applications and advantages of nanosponges in novel drug delivery with some patented work in this domain. Challenging molecules such as lipophilic drug molecules, nutraceuticals, gases, proteins and peptides, volatile oils, genetic material, etc., can be loaded on these novel carriers, which are spherical, porous, versatile, stable, compact, convenient to synthesize and easy to scale-up in the laboratory. This descriptive review stresses the explanation of the synthetic methods of nanosponges in addition to the advantages and applications of cyclodextrin-based NS in novel drug delivery. These supramolecular entities offer a high degree of drug loading compared to other nanocarriers and, thus, are of prominent interest to research scientists globally. Additionally, nanosponge formulations like parenteral, topical, oral or inhalation continue to portray significant utility and scope in the novel drug delivery arena and depict remarkable future and growth potential. Therefore, owing to their convenient method of synthesis, propitious advantages and prominent applications in modern-day drug delivery, the review's authors hope that helpful information and insight about this novel carrier reaches the researchers and scientists and help them better understand nanosponges.


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Nanosponges, Cyclodextrin, Nanocarrier, Novel, Bioavailability, Solubility Enhancement



2023-07-31 — Updated on 2023-07-30

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