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Journal DOI : 10.37285/ijpsn

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About the Journal

International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Nanotechnology (IJPSN) is a Scopus Indexed & PCI Recommended, internationally circulated research journal in pharmaceutical and nanotechnology fields.

IJPSN was established in 2008. IJPSN is published under the editorial direction of Editor Dr. Bikash Medhi and Editorial Publishing team.

IJPSN is published under the directions of eminent and expert Editorial Board and Editorial Advisory Panel from India, USA and other countries worldwide.IJPSN is published by Pharma Book Syndicate, a unit of BSP Books Pvt. Ltd.

IJPSN provides broad coverage of all aspects of pharmaceutical sciences, furthering research into the nanotechnology systems  Major areas of emphasis include pharmaceutics, biopharmaceutics, industrial pharmacy, clinical pharmacy, pharmacology and therapeutics, toxicology, pharmaceutical chemistry, phytochemical investigations, medicinal and analytical chemistry, pharmacy administration, regulatory affairs, GMP related industry guidelines, pharmacoeconomics, pharma biotechnology, recombinant drugs, and nanotechnology-based drug formulation design and delivery systems.

The Journal considers original Research Papers , Review Articles and Letter to Editor for publication.

IJPSN invites papers from pharma, biotech and nanotech researchers who are united by broad interests in formulation, bioanalytical, manufacturing, evaluation of conventional and novel dosage forms and drug products, including novel drug delivery, molecular and nanotechnological investigations directly relevant to pharmaceutical sciences, pharma industry and pharma community.